Clockwork gods

Clockwork gods is an ongoing series of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns set in a custom universe with custom rules. It takes its inspiration from all things clockwork, especially Girl genius and Fullmetal alchemist, and from high-fantasy settings. The world the campaigns take place in is a world of steam-powered devices, of powerful alchemy (although less advanced nations call it "magic"), of terrible monsters, of fantastic discoveries. It is a world full of peril and wonder. It is a world crafted by creative and dedicated minds who love to invent stories and tie them together.

Welcome to our world.


Inhabited worlds


  • the Elder Gods
    • Mordun (the Self-Forged / the Forger)
    • Tabata (the All-Sentient / the Lady of Dragons)
    • Vekumm (the Deadwalker)
    • Zahar (the Necromancer / the Lich / the Lord of Undearth)

Sentient species

Notable mortals

Notable artefacts