The Earth showing Dalaar, Antheus and Lleimilla

The Earth showing Dalaar, Antheus and Lleimilla

The Earth is the fourth planet in the solar system. It is one of only three planets at the right distance from the Sun to be able to have liquid water on its surface. It is a fertile planet with a wide variety of ecosystems and much biodiversity. Many of its native species are sentient, allowing for a rich collection of cultures.

An Earth day lasts exactly 24 hours, and an Earth year lasts roughly 365 Earth days.


The Earth has a vast ocean dividing it into five continents: Antheus, Dalaar, Lleimilla, Pauk and Sazandora. See each continent's individual page for more information.


The Earth was nearly destroyed by the Aesilaine in the year 2:3424 to make way for the "perfect" world they had created, the Fairwood. This was prevented by Mordun, Tabata, Vekumm (then known as Watson Gregory) and Zahar, who are now known as the Elder Gods.