The whole of creation, the stars, the planets that orbit them, the creatures that live on the planets, interplanetary and interstellar space, the arcane energy flowing through it all: this is what is known as the Universe. Nothing but the souls of the dead exists outside it.
Hubble Ultra Deep Field Black point edit

Each object seen here is a galaxy


Although thousands of millions of galaxies fill outer space and each of these galaxies houses thousands of millions of stars, the only known star orbited by planets which harbour life is Sol, or the Sun. Twelve planets orbit this medium-sized yellow star:

Of these, only four harbour life: Lloegr, the Earth, Kanvair and Thadekta. The flow of arcana here is considerably stronger than elsewhere in the Solar System. Astronomers theorise that a relatively easy way to detect life around other stars would be to probe for strong arcana signals.


Living things, though resilient in the extreme as a whole, exist in the Universe in communities isolated by the difficulties of leaving a planet without having first attained sufficient technological development. Currently, life is known to exist on four planets only, all orbiting the same star.

Millions of living creatures exist on each of these planets, but the most prominent are the ones that have achieved sentience. The following is a list of all sentient species on the four aforementioned planets:

  • Lloegr
    • <none known>
  • the Earth
  • Kanvair
    • <none known>
  • Thadekta
    • <none known>