Aarum Winterchild


Azadan Winterchild

Aarum and Azadan Winterchild were two sturmhalters who lived during the late Second Age. They were both devoted to the Stormhold church, although their skills extended far beyond those of an ordinary cleric.They unwillingly played a role in the destruction of Teldorthan, being the leaders of the expedition to Lleimilla to recover an ancient dagger for their master, Trava Devian. The dagger was used by Devian to raise a dead dragon which would, according to plan, drive the dwarves from Stormhold and aid in the sturmhalters' conquest of Sonndalin. Devian's plan backfired, and the dragon destroyed Teldorthan before the city guards buried it under the remains of Teldorthan Castle. Azadan was killed by the dragon during the attack on Teldorthan; Aarum played a small role in the reconstruction of the city and died of old age in the first century of the Third Age.